We have web hosting packages that are tailored to the needs of individual web sites and are completely customizable to suit the needs of our clients.

Web hosting can be provided in five different ways: One we can host your site under our domain and your website address would include ours. Or two we could host your website with a domain name redirect to our site this way your web address would be unique to your company. Three, we can provide complete web hosting for your company and there would be no connection to our website address. Four, we can provide complete web hosting for your company with your own domain name and five sub domain names. Option Five gives you all the benefits offered in the previous plans but allows for unlimited web hosting. (great for large websites)

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This plan includes web hosting under our domain name with a maximum of two Mega bytes of storage space. Your web address would be similar to this www.advertisenorth.com/yourcompany

If you decide to have your own domain we can have that domain name re-directed to our site. You type your domain name in the browser and it will enter your site under our web address. EX: type www.yourcompany.com in your browser and it would be redirected to your website
www.advertisenorth.com/yourcompany This gives your company an easy to remember domain name without paying extra for hosting.


This plan includes complete web hosting with your own domain name. A name which is unique to your company anywhere on the internet. The total storage space for this hosting package is 30 mega bytes. The only web address you need to know is www.yourcompany.com.


Plan four includes all of the options of plan three with a few added features. With this plan you get five sub-domain names and four e-mail addresses. Ex: (sub-domain names) www.hunts.yourcompany.com
Ex: (e-mail addresses) info@yourcompany.com


Plan five includes all the features of Plan four with unlimited hosting.