We have maintenance packages that are tailored to the needs of individual web sites and are completely customizable to suit the needs of our clients

The regular updating of your site is crucial to your continued survival on the internet. Sites that are not regularly updated tend to go "stale", which means visitors check back less and less frequently, ultimately abandoning a stale site in favor of one that offers fresh, regularly updated content. We offer several different Maintenance Plans, each one designed to meet your unique needs. In the event you require site maintenance at a rate or frequency not covered here, please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

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Some sites may not require frequent updates or maintenance. For those sites, we offer a basic, once-a-month service where we will re-register with search engines, and update images   and  check for dead or outdated links and updating them automatically or removing them as needed. 

Other sites require updates on a weekly basis. Sites such as restaurants, nightclubs, sports clubs, etc., need their content changed to reflect schedule changes, menu changes, calendar changes or to post results. Offering the same basic services as are included in Maintenance Plan One, we are pleased to offer this enhanced Site Maintenance Service for only  $11.50 per month/page

Our Best Maintenance Plan includes unlimited updates, even up to several times per week. Sites such as businesses that wish to post daily news, outfitters and motels or parks with changes in their bookings and available dates, etc., may wish to take advantage of this unlimited Site Maintenance Service, which is offer at only (Includes full web site up to a maximum of twelve pages) This plan ensures a very informative web site and entices viewers to bookmark pages.

$23.91 per month