For a small monthly fee of $3.47 we will maintain your webpage and re-submit to search engines on a monthly basis. Regular webpage diagnosis will be performed to keep your page ranking high. provides a level of Customer Service that is Second to None. While Plan One is included with any design package purchased, upgrades to Plan Two or Plan Three as outlined on the right are available. IMPORTANT! Promotion services are ONLY offered to our clients. We do not offer promotion services to non clients. Clients are those purchasing design or redesign services:

Terms: Fifty percent (50%) of total plan price due upon acceptance, balance due in thirty days. Please Contact Us for additional information

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Plan One is our basic promotion package. It is recommended for every design package we offer. Purchased separately, it would cost $97.88/year.We strive to increase your site traffic to the highest possible number based on site traffic of comparable sites. We do not incorporate nor do we condone the use of "spam". For those wishing to achieve higher site traffic immediately, we encourage you to review plan two.

Plan Two. For the annual rate of $166.50, Plan Two may better suit your needs. Incorporating not only all methods of Plan One, we will undertake to increase your site traffic to up to 5000 or more site visitors per month. Additionally, we utilize industry proven techniques to further promote your site and improve it's visibility on the Internet. In this plan, we also contact related or interested e-zines and directory sites to establish business relationships between your business and theirs. The basic difference between this plan and Plan One is the amount of time and number of contacts we make on your behalf. For sites desiring the highest possible promotion and site traffic, we recommend Plan Three. 

Plan Three: For the Flat Rate of $499.00 - this may be the plan best suited to your higher traffic needs. Incorporating all efforts of the previous Plans, we further promote your site by submitting your site to 1200 search engines and sending out link request to top ranked sites and directories in an effort to increase the number of hits in your site. We provide services above and beyond most other promotion services at a price you can afford..