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Come Along With Us!
If it's bear you want- we got plenty- so bring along your gun or your bow and take one back with you.

We are located in prime black bear country, right on the north slope of the Long Range Mountains, Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula. It is where that the dense boreal forest of the lowlands gives way to the berry covered barrens of the open tundra.

Each fall this natural habitat attracts a high number of bears that feed on the plentiful harvest of wild berries that grow in our area. With time running out and winter setting in , a large number of those animals usually hang around and settle into dens that they dig along the edge of the tree line. Each year when spring breaks, there's a new bunch of hungry bears on our doorstep starving for a good meal. "This is where we come in."

Tree Stands/Drop Off Zone?
We have set up a line of baited tree stands close to the den locations so that at the first sent of spring there is going to be the irresistible aroma of a feast that no hungry bear can resist- compliments of Moose Country Adventures. We bait all our stands on a daily basis until the spring bear hunt is over, then once a week until fall.

To add to the number of bears in our area we also encourage the Wildlife Service to use our area as a drop off zone for trouble bears that they pick up during the summer from all around Northern Newfoundland.

In the big game hunting season while flying it is not uncommon to count 50 or 60 bears in an around this area feeding on berries and the remains of moose and caribou. .

Bear Country:
This is fantastic bear country and due to the high number of animals our success rate is one of the highest in all Newfoundland. It is also an accepted biological fact that the Newfoundland black bear, due to its isolation and extremely favorable feeding habitat, normally outweighs its North American cousins by as much as 20 % relative to its age. 400 pound adults are common in this area with animals in the 500 to 600 pound range considered trophy. The size of your kill usually depends on your will to outwit the one you really want to take home..

Fishing and Hunting:
Not only do we have some great bear country, but this is also a great area for fishing. Northern Newfoundland is known to have most of the productive Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. It is also one of the few places where it is still possible to catch brook trout up to 5 pounds.

Late evenings usually offer the best opportunity for bear hunting so there are hours left in the day to take advantage of fishing. We have a number of excellent salmon rivers and trout filled lakes within a short driving distance of the lodge. For some extra R and R we can take you to some good salmon holes where you can test your fly fishing skills challenging our feisty and often temperamental Atlantic salmon or we can take you into our pristine lakes for great trout fishing.

We offer a standard 6 day hunt and a 10 day trophy hunt and we can tailor a hunt to suit your schedule. Our main lodge is located on a lake in pristine wilderness surroundings with access being by private road. Our accommodations are top quality, with private rooms, hot showers and a full time cook. The lodge is suitable for husband and wife groups and we welcome female hunters. Non hunters are also welcome Hiking, sightseeing, deep sea fishing, iceberg and whale watching can be organized. For those less active types you can settle down with a good book in the solitude of the wilderness or if it comes to the worst just curl up in a chair and watch satellite T.V.

The extra cost for extra activities would depend on what you choose to do.
6 day black bear hunt ----$2600.00

Package includes:
All tax & license fess
Meals & accommodation
Guide 2:1
Local transportation
Pick up at the airport in St. Anthony
$800.00 for a non hunter
Butchering and meat shipping extra.

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