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May 10/2001 -
LuxuryHunts aquires our services to add a buffalo hunt to their already extensive web site. The owner also agrees to purchase our premium promotion package.

May 10/2001 - The design work is completed on our new Canadian Hunts web site. ( This is being developed as AdvertiseNorth's second Canadian Hunting website; the first site was The difference is that CanadianHunts allows hunters the ability to search for the species or animals of their choice rather than the outfitter. In Total AdvertiseNorth now as five (5) hunting and fishing related websites; three (3) for Newfoundland and Labrador only and two (2) for Canada.

May 9/2001 - Torngat Wilderness Adventures adds an autoresonder to its e-mail. This caribou hunting outfitter in Labrador as purchased nearly every possible service from AdvertiseNorth.

May 5/2001 - Patey and Sons Outfitting replaces their 1999 photos with those taken in 2000. Patey and Sons Outfitting has been clients of AdvertiseNorth since 1998.

April 18/2001 - AdvertiseNorth purchases a new domain for our top-rated "online" outfitters web site. ( This is our most popular web site in the search engines and it was worthy of the new domain.

April 12/2001 - Peter and Donna Stacy of Gander River Tours request the services of AdvertiseNorth to redesign their website. Also purchased a promotion and maintenance package for the newly designed site.

March 19/2001 - Awesome Lake Lodge redesign of their website is begun. The owners and operators of this fishing lodge in Labrador, Canada also aquires hosting services for their website. This is their second web site redesign to be completed by AdvertiseNorth.

March 1/2001 - Moose Country Adventures website is completed.

February 28/2001 - Our website is officially launched and several outfitters from across Canada are quick to join, including Lecuyers Lodge from Nestor Falls, Ontario.

February 18/2001 - Torngat Wilderness Adventures which is our largest client to date, adds a brochure to their website.

February 10/2001 - is opened for public viewing. Although not completed, the outfitter wanted to open it up to the public.

February 5/2001 - Portland Creek Outfitters gets a complete makeover of their hunting website. This company has been a client of ours since 1998.

February 2/2001 - Moose Country Adventures website is started to add to our total collection of Newfoundland Outfitters.

January 30/2001 - Redesign of website for Eagle River Sports Fishing. This is our third website for outfitters in Labrador. However, our first outfitter to offer sport fishing as their main service.

January 26/2001 - Begins the development of a new Website for Labrador Outdoors Inc. The website is our second site from outfitters in Labrador and involves a very detailed gathering of information about the hunting and fishing operation.

January 21/2001 - Our new hunting outfitters website is launched but still requires a bundle of work before completion. Not even is the Newfoundland section completed yet. We welcome your comments on this new site.

January 12/2001 - Sex is removed from our search directory as recommended by two of our clients.

January 12/2001 - Rock Camp Outfitters gets a new look hunting website. The website was first developed in 1998 and completes our clients site re-design for that year.

January 9/2001 - J.P. Gillam Outfitting joins our network of hunting and fishing outfitters.

January 5/2001 - Regular updates are made to website. This lodge operater and fishing outfitters site was first developed in 2000.

January 4/2001 - A new website is begin for Brophy and Sons Outfitting. This adds to the growing number of outfitters interested in doing business with us. Since we are Newfoundland's largest providers of Website services to hunting and fishing outfitters.

January 2/2001 - AdvertiseNorth agrees with to do the North American hunt section and one hunt in the south pacific.

December 10/2000 - The latest website development for one of Newfoundland's newest outfitters. Caines Adventure Outfitters was recently developed. Faron Caines, the co-owner, also has a Snowmobiling Adventure website developed in 1998.

December 1/2000 - AdvertiseNorth's Outfitters site will soon be expanding. We today aquired and outfitters from across Canada will be listed. Not to worry fishing, adventure and lodge outfitters, yours is on the way.

November15/2000 - AdvertiseNorth aquires it's first contract outside Canada. On November 15th/2000 AdvertiseNorth signs a deal with Jeff Martinell a big game hunting consultant in Tannersville, Pennslyvania, USA. to develope the African hunt section of ( ) Mr. Martinell was attracted to AdvertiseNorth after seeing the sight developed for Torngat Wilderness Adventures. ( ) Also appealing to him was the cheap Canadian Dollar. also as a North American hunting section which needs to be developed and plans to have it done by AdvertiseNorth in the near future.

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